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Makesweat is the easy and professional way to let people sign into your events. Find out more!

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How can you make it really easy for customers and friends to sign up for your event, class or meeting? Follow these easy steps...


Creating your event on Makesweat is easy - just follow the steps below


Once you've created your event on Makesweat, tell everyone about it!

  • Share the link - email your customer list with the link to the event or promote an advert on Facebook
  • Embed it on your website - copy and paste 2 lines of text onto your website for a complete signup experience
  • Embed on Facebook - Embed our easy widget on any Facebook Page
  • Connect to Classpass - Leverage Classpass' global network of customers to fill your classes!


Now, your customers and friends can book wherever and whenever they want, by web or app - no phone calls or emails! You get immediate notifications of who has enrolled and they know they've got a place immediately.